acrylic and mixed media


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0012 shogun  mixed med  oil and gold leaf
001 fantasy floral watercolour on yupo
001 Rhymes with Orange
008 across the pond acrylic
003 spring awaits acrylic
At the Club Sax
At the Club Horn
Across the Field
Back Roads
First Snow
Fall Farm Fields
Fall Colours
Oxtongue River Autumn.JPG
October Opus 11
Pink Spike
Poppy Profusion
Sunlit Trees
Tea Time 3
Tea Time 1
Tea Time 2


Pat is an award winning Ontario artist currently residing in Bracebridge.  She enjoys the camaraderie of painting and crafting with like-minded people.


 Colour and texture are always uppermost in her mind when she creates.  Whether she is painting in oils, watercolour, encaustic or printmaking, colour and movement guide her.


Pat states that her art is eclectic across many mediums and having attended a variety of workshops, she feels that she has now developed her own style and has the freedom to explore new endeavours.


Because she loves texture so much, she has been drawn to hot wax encaustic and painting with many layered mediums on canvas and birch panels.

Pat proudly displays her art in galleries and outside shows, where she loves being visited in her booth.

hot wax encaustic

003 spring awaits acrylic
006 aloft  encaustic
0011 raven dream to fly encaustic
004 edict encaustic
002roses encaustic
Autumn  Along the River
Big Sky Country
Northern River
Heaven on Earth
Florist's Window
Sunrise Over Muskoka
Oxtongue River Autumn
Once Upon a Time 3
Once Upon a Time 2


Flight of the Cranes
Urban Speak Opus #1