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Glacier (013)
Glacier (011)
Glacier (012)
Glacier (00C)
Glacier (00E)
Glacier (00F)
Glacier (010)
Lava Fields
Grand Canyon at Sunset
From Alvares Ranch Road
Snoopy Rocks!
Sunset Over Hopi
Sunset Over the Canyon
Storm Over the Desert
Up, Up and Away

Born in Bristol England, Margaret grew up and was educated in Toronto, where she spent most of her adult life. A life long love of music and visual art have played an important part of Margaret’s life.


Having retired from a career in health care, Margaret has been able to pursue her interest in vusual arts. Margaret has completed a Certificate in Painting and Drawing from the Haliburton School of the Arts. Among the professional artists most influential in the development of her art art Jack Reid, Art Cunanan, June Thomson, and Pat Fairhead.

Previously working in watercolour and creating award winning paintings, Margaret also  paints in acrylic and oil. 


Since moving to Muskoka, Margaret has made some wonderful connections with other artists who have become dear friends. She is a member of the Toronto Watercolour Society and Muskoka Arts and Crafts and the Brown Baggers. Margaret also shares her time in Eureka, Florida during the winter month, where she is a member of the Ocala Art Group and the Ocala Plein Air Painters.


Margaret’s work hangs in public and private collections in the U. S. and Canada. Margaret lives on the Muskoka River with husband Harry and the amazing Daisy May. 

land and water

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Down in the County
At the Ocklawaha
Abstract Reflections
Flowers to the Lake
Flowers to the Lake 1
Once a Dream
Muskoka Rocks
Island at Sunset
Pine Island
Spring Thaw 3
Spring Thaw 2
Spring Thaw 1


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Birds 7 (sm).jpg
Birds 5.
Birds 8
Birds 4
Birds  6
Birds 3
Birds 1
Crow Over Daisy


Hope for Peace
Wheel Abstract
Abstract 1
Abstract 2
Abstract 3
Abstracted View
Orange Splash

artist's statement

My life long love of art has led me on an amazing artistic journey. For 15 years I worked mostly in watercolour. Now branching out into oil and acrylic, I have discovered a new kind of abstract painting, at times combining realism with abstract shapes. Working in an unplanned and intuitive manner, the paintings take on a new life of their own. This is confirmation that besides being influenced by the environment or those around us, art comes from within, connecting us with the universe-past and present.


Engaging the viewer appeals to my sense of discovery. By exploring relationships of colour, shapes and space, I strive to engage the viewer to evoke some memory, or question apart from what’s tangible in everyday life.  New vistas and possibilities have opened as a result for myself and the viewer.

still life

Bird and Grapes
Three Crows
Birch Still Life
Still Life Flowers