Gayle Dempsey is a fourth generation Muskokan and feels a deep connection to the spirit of the land, the lakes, the naturally beauty and the peace that is Muskoka.  She enjoys a wide variety of artistic endeavours, from water colour and acrylic painting to poetry and writing.


Gayle is a member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, Muskoka Arts and Crafts,– associate member, CARFAC and an associate member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour  and the Society of Canadian Artists and was the recipient of the Muskoka Awards – Arts Award, 2009 and Award of Excellence in Acrylic Painting, Muskoka Arts and Crafts Spring Show, 2008.



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Port Carling
After Matisse
In the Deep III
Sold -Summer Solstice
In The Deep
Sold - Elements
Birch Stand
Sold - Bala Falls Basin
After Fairhead
Sold - Ed's Macs 2
The artist at Deebank Falls
Sold - Mutsus
Sold - Manitoba Street II
Manitoba Street I
Sold - Lupins
Sold - Leader Of the Band
Sold - Grandmother's Drum
Sold - Foreman Road in Winter
Self Portrait
Cleveland House, Lk Rosseau, Muskoka

Several of her published works include “My Story Listens to Your Story: An Anthology of Women’s Leadership Images and Stories” published through the Centre for Emerging Leadership in Minnesota.  


She strongly believes in “life-long learning” and along with her partner Gary Froude for the past two decades has been working to resurrect the Muskoka Chautauqua, a learning community on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka.


Gayle’s passion for arts, culture and community development is reflected in her work.  In June of 2004 she opened the Muskoka Place Gallery.  The Gallery hosts local and international artists and a variety of workshops.