artist's statement

My watercolor and acrylic paintings, generally, are composed form the landscape of my beloved Muskoka. Especially Skeleton Lake area where I have been living for the past twenty years and prior was a summer cottager with the odd winter visit. My deceased husband was a talented photographer and we spent many wonderful days together scouting Muskoka for the unusual, he with his camera and me with my sketch book and pen. My hope is that these works of art will find a good loving home for they are my heart and sole.


My Batik paintings are of women from around our world. For 18 years I have researched many countries for the purpose of organizing tour itineraries specializing in painting and photography interests. Leading these tours first for Sheridan College Continuing Education Department and later with my husband, my eyes were opened to the world! Through these tours I have encountered a multitude of fascinating learning experiences. Especially of the deprived women in third world countries who are the subject of my batik paintings.


When I return home with my sketch book and photos and am back in my studio ready to pick up my paint brush, my mind returns to a lovely place (some not so lovely) a certain day, a certain time and a very special unique feeling all my own. Significant thoughts travel through my mind, to eye, to hand, then on to my painting where its life begins and a story of a strong young women is expressed.    


My hope is that the viewer will look, see and feel. Women around the world continue to be held captive by social, political, and male dominance, especially in third world countries. Lets hope the future will be better for daughters. 


My batik painting of the girl embroidering is in a factory in Morocco, she is age 15 and is the 'chief' worker. She has been toiling there since the age of ten when her education ended. She works from sun up till sun down for very little stipend. Lighting is poor, she sits on a cushion on the floor. Her task is to full fill an order of 250 large round table cloths working the same pattern with pink and green thread. These table cloths will end up in a large hotel in the USA. Ignorance is bliss???   

Uros Lady Reed Islands Lake Titicaca
Moody Day on Muskoka River
Lady in San Miquel Mexico
Batik Factory Indonesia
Lady Builds Her House, Thailand
Embroidery Factory, Morocco

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Skeleton Lake
Where the River Flows By
Muskoka - A
Algonquin Park
Stormy Day Algonquin Park

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One Tree
Blueberry Island, Skeleton Lake
Hog's Back Rock, Skeleton Lake
Log Cabin, Skeleton Lake

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